Version 0.2.1

This release is mainly bugfixes:

  • Added explicit_bool strong typedef
  • Fixed forwarding bug in with() of array_ref
  • Silenced some warnings
  • Improved CMake configuration

Version 0.2

This release took a long time, so here are just the most important changes.

Vocabulary Types

Optional & Variant:

  • Breaking: optional now auto-unwraps, removed unwrap() function
  • Breaking: optional_ref creation function now opt_ref() instead of ref(), but more than before
  • Breaking: Removed optional_ref<T>::value_or()
  • Added optional_for<T> utility typedef
  • Added support for additional parameters to with() and make it more optimizer friendly
  • Added with() for tagged_union
  • Improved map functions: additional arguments, member function pointers, void returning function objects
  • Bugfix for trivial variant copy/move/destroy

Type Safe Building Blocks:

Thanks to @johelgp, @xtofl, @nicola-gigante, @BRevzin, @verri, @lisongmin, @Manu343726, @MandarJKulkarni, @gerboengels.

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