Function operator>>


#include <include/type_safe/boolean.hpp>

template <typename Char, class CharTraits>
std::basic_istream< Char, CharTraits > & operator>>(std::basic_istream< Char, CharTraits > &in, boolean &b)


[ts::boolean]() input operator. \effects Reads a bool from the [std::istream]() and assigns it to the given [ts::boolean](). \output_section Input/output \module types


Lines 148-156 in include/type_safe/boolean.hpp.

template <typename Char, class CharTraits>
std::basic_istream<Char, CharTraits>& operator>>(std::basic_istream<Char, CharTraits>& in,
                                                 boolean&                              b)
    bool val;
    in >> val;
    b = val;
    return in;

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